Whistleblower Awarded 40 Million for Reporting Government Contractor Fraud

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As a former U.S. Marine officer, Sarah Feinberg was proud to join the prestigious firm Booz Allen Hamilton. However, after earning an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School, Feinberg discovered an alleged civil fraud scheme within the company, which was overcharging taxpayers to subsidize private consulting contracts. It helped me kind of get a sense of right versus wrong, and to have a clear picture of the service that I wanted to perform for our country. After a yearslong...

Enforcing Preliminary Reinstatement of Whistleblowers

Exxon Mobil fired whistleblowers and refused to reinstate them defying court orders.
Exxon Whistleblower Case to Determine Ability of Corporate Whistleblowers to be Preliminarily Reinstated The Third Circuit Court of Appeals is currently deciding whether a court can enforce orders that call for the return of whistleblowers to their jobs while their cases move forward. This case is critical because it will determine whether whistleblowers have a way to protect themselves from retaliation. The case involves two scientists who worked at Exxon Mobil. The scientists raised conc...

$104 Million Reward to Seven Whistleblowers

Corporate greed strikes again - Whistleblower lawsuit.
SEC Awards More Than $104 Million to Seven Whistleblowers Today, the Securities and Exchange Commission recognized the valuable contributions of seven individuals who assisted in a successful SEC enforcement action. Their combined award of over $104 million is the fourth largest in the history of the SEC's whistleblower program. These individuals provided specific and credible information that helped prompt or significantly contribute to an SEC investigation. They sat for interviews, identif...