Colorado Whistleblower Protections

whistleblower protection laws

Colorado Whistleblower Protection Laws prevent companies from retaliating against employees who blow the whistle, providing tough sanctions on those who do. To “blow the whistle” is to report an illegal or unethical act by your employer to the proper authorities or the press. Some states only apply to public sector employees, but others also protect private-sector employees. The federal government also provides whistleblower protections about the Clean Air Act, the Toxic Substance Control Act, and other federal regulations.

The state of Colorado protects both public- and private-sector employees from any adverse action taken in response to a whistleblower’s actions. However, this protection is conditional on the employee acting in good faith, regardless of the actual truth of the matter disclosed, and without disclosing confidential information.

The Colorado Whistleblower Protection statute 24-50.5- 101 to 107 prohibits employers from initiating or administering disciplinary action if an employee disclosed information on actions of state agencies that are not in the public interest. Unless employee knows information is false or discloses with disregard for truth, or discloses information on records closed to public inspection or discloses information which is confidential under any other law.

An employee in the state personnel system: may file a written complaint within 30 days with state personnel board to get reinstatement, back pay, restore lost service credit, records expunged, and any other additional relief as found appropriate by the board. If not or have already filed a complaint, but the complaint denied, the employee can bring a civil suit to recover damages, court costs, and other relief.

Statute §24-114- 101, et. seq. prohibits employers from initiating or administering disciplinary action if an employee discloses information unless the employee knows information is false or confidential under laws. Employees must make a good faith effort to provide supervisor or appointing authority or member of general assembly with information to be disclosed before disclosing.

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