Whistleblower $108.75 million settlement with KBR

Iraq whistleblowers prevail in False Claims Act lawsuit.
In a landmark victory for whistleblowers and taxpayers, a settlement has been reached in a case against KBR, an ex-Halliburton subsidiary, wherein the company was alleged to have knowingly over-ordered $340 million worth of materials during its performance. After a lengthy legal battle, two whistleblowers Geoffrey Howard, and Zella Hemphill Anderson, have successfully settled with KBR Services for $108.75 million, marking the largest cash settlement ever obtained for alleged Iraq War fraud. T...

State Farm Will Pay $100 Million to Feds Over Hurricane Katrina Insurance Claims

Rigsby Sisters blew whistle on State Farm over False Claims Act violations after Hurricane Katrina.
State Farm Fire and Casualty Co. has agreed to pay the federal government $100 million for potential liability over its handling of flood insurance claims after Hurricane Katrina, settling a lawsuit that two whistleblowers filed against the company more than 16 years ago. Other terms of the settlement remained confidential in the whistleblower lawsuit filed in 2006 by former claims adjusters and sisters Cori and Kerri Rigsby, who lived in Ocean Springs at the time. State Farm also agre...

CVS Health Prevented Access to Generic Drugs According to Whistleblower Lawsuit

Corporate greed strikes again - Whistleblower lawsuit.
A newly unsealed whistleblower lawsuit claims that CVS Health subsidiaries coordinated to prevent members from accessing generic drugs to boost profits. Alexandra Miller, who worked for CVS for several decades said the company calculated that the benefits of the alleged scheme outweighed the likelihood of getting caught. She claims that CVS' SilverScripts Part D subsidiary as well as its Caremark pharmacy benefit manager and retail pharmacies worked together to prevent access to generics, ...

Health Management Whistleblower Wins Nearly $1 Million in Fees

False Claims Act whistleblower Bradley Nurkin is entitled to $959,713 in attorneys’ fees and expenses for his role in bringing about a $260 million settlement with Health Management Associates LLC for federal healthcare fraud in September 2018, a Florida federal court said. Nurkin received $15 million under the settlement involving allegations that Health Management paid kickbacks for doctor referrals and billed healthcare programs for inpatient services that should have been billed as o...

Whistleblower Case Against Nations Largest Wireless Carriers Moves Forward

Suit Claims Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile Overcharged California Government Customers in Excess of $100 million SAN FRANCISCO -The nation's largest wireless providers can't escape any part of a lawsuit claiming they overcharged California pp government customers more than $100 million, a California court ruled on September 13. The Honorable Judy Holzer Hersher in the Superior Court of California in Sacramento County denied several demurrers, a California ...

$663 Million in Penalties for Maker of Guardrail

A Texas federal judge handed down a $663 million judgment Tuesday against Trinity Industries, the guardrail maker accused of producing a faulty product that can jam and spear through vehicles. The judgment stems from the trial held last year in a whistle-blower lawsuit filed by Josh Harman, a competitor who discovered in 2011 that Trinity had made a critical change to the dimensions of its ET-Plus guardrail in 2005, but failed to tell federal regulators as required by law. The jury found t...