Restore Whistleblower Protections from Retaliation SCOTUS to Hear Case

Protecting Whistleblowers from retaliation is essential.
Whistleblowers are important in uncovering fraud and abuse, but they risk their careers, personal lives, and finances when they come forward. Protections for whistleblowers are crucial, and it is illegal for companies to retaliate against employees who report illegal activity. In the case of Murray v. UBS Securities LLC, The Anti-Fraud Coalition, with support from Better Markets and The National Employment Lawyers Association, filed an amicus curiae brief to the U.S. Supreme Court. The brief ...

Whistleblower $108.75 million settlement with KBR

Iraq whistleblowers prevail in False Claims Act lawsuit.
In a landmark victory for whistleblowers and taxpayers, a settlement has been reached in a case against KBR, an ex-Halliburton subsidiary, wherein the company was alleged to have knowingly over-ordered $340 million worth of materials during its performance. After a lengthy legal battle, two whistleblowers Geoffrey Howard, and Zella Hemphill Anderson, have successfully settled with KBR Services for $108.75 million, marking the largest cash settlement ever obtained for alleged Iraq War fraud. T...